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Bless and One Love in Jamaica,PURA VIDA en Costa Rica

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I figured out too late that a blog could actually be a nice thing to do on the road... Even though my friends back home kept telling me that all along =) I might be a bit on the slow side...
After the heart break of leaving Jamaica,getting stuck in the Miami bordercontrol for hours,being stuck in that same damn airport for 14 hours due to missing my conncting flight and arriving to Costa Rica ca 14 hours later than supposed to,I was knackered! The sucky part of arriving almost a day later,was that I had my lovely friend waiting for me at the airport when I was SUPPOSED to arrive,so of course she wasnt there anymore. And I had no idea where to go or where to call. After no sleep in 35 hours,in a strange country and unfamiliar language,I still kept my cool and kept telling the taxidrivers I'll be fine. Eventually my friend called me and I got "home". ah,shower,sleep,food...

Just before I go any further with my adventure in Costa Rica,I gotta give a Big Up to my island,Jamaica <3. You might hear a lot of bad stuff bout the country,no doubt about it,you might get hustled many times,for sure,but it also depends where on the island you go,who you meet and how you handle situation. I met so many beautiful,awesome and genuine people during my month there,saw amazing places,and sucked in the culture every way possible!

Staying in Kingston only few first and last days worked for me perfectly,I can honestly say it aint a city for me. Even though I met awesome people there too and went to the greatest gigs I've seen so far! After the hectic lifestyle of Kingston,me and my buddy,and a great,new brazilian friend,headed to Treasure Beach. NOw,if you enjoy beach,quietness and veeeery chill pace,this is your spot. We stayed with a great rastaman in his guesthouse for a week,there was a small beach right outside the lot that nobody else used and a longer stroll to the town of
Treasure beach. I felt at home there. BigUp to Viking,Bless!!!

The experience of getting from one place to another in that country is an experience you wont forget,if you use public transport.. The crowded minivans are staying at the station till it is FULLY loaded,you sit there in a tiniest space possible with your huge-ass bag on your lap. And the roads... curvy,narrow roads and speedlimits go un-noticed... even though I aint a believer,I said a little prayer everytime I stepped into one that we reach our destination safe and sound...

In Port Antonio we stayed for two weeks. I love that place! From the dry planes of Treasure Beach to the green,lush nature of Port Antonio was very welcoming... I had missed that place. We stayed at Ocean Creast guest house the entire visit,ate at Maureen's at the end of Musgrave market as often as possible for the best veggiefood ever,chilled at the Marina,Winnifred Beach and at Reach Falls,met nicest locals and just enjoyed the vibes. Again,all the 3 of us; two Finns and a Brazilian,crazy girl <3

The week we were supposed to head back,me to another destination and my buddy back to Finland,we wanted to have one more adventure. Blue Mountains and Rasta Camp it was! I have never seen a place like that. It was stashed almost at the top of the mountain,a place that inhabits round 100 people,everybody has built their house around the basecamp,doing work from morning until the sun goes down... and wait. For their savior. It was a learning experience for sure.

Back to Costa Rica. The land I will miss as well after I leave. And the people I have met. During this month I have seen the best of human nature and a glimpse of the bad too. I've met so hospitable,genuine,friendly and sweet people,who I can now call my friends,seen amazing places,partied,chilled,gotten confused,lost...
San Jose with my friend before she went back to Finland as well...We had so much fun! I wish we could've adventured together <3 She left and I decided to go and see my new friend in Motezuma after a weekend in Manuel Antonio. M.A.was a beautiful place,but not for me. Nope. If touristamounts acceed over locals,it aint for me. And I DO know this country gets money from tourism,but I had to bounce. Montezuma however,eventhough there was tourists as well,is sooooo chill. It's basically a crossroad and bucnh of beaches. NIIICE. After going there for a second time,just to see my lovely local friends before I leave, I got robbed. Should've known better to watch my stuff,but I guess I gotta learn the hard way,always... Lost my wallet,2 phones,and my camera. PASSPORT was safe and sound elsewhere,muahahahahhaaaa...
That's when I learned a value of friends,once again. These new people,who barely know me,took care of me and did everything they could to help. Bless to you!!! I got home yesterday,sick,tired and worn out. I'm still glad,because I'm alive,got my health,passport and an awesome group of people around me <3
P.S. No,there is noway I'd end this thing without telling bout two more things: Puerto Viejo <3 caribbean party town close to the Panama-border... Stayed there for a week at Rocking J's wich I do recommend if you like to meet new people and party every night =D The people I met there,made a little footstep in my heart as well.... Partynights,green,beautiful nature,chill lifestyle... I love,love,love.

The last chapter goes to my familia in Ciudad Colon <3 they were the family for my friend for 6 months and generously welcomed me to stay here as well. I'm taken really good care of,fed,clean laundry and care-taking..Heart-y people,who deserve greatest thank you ever! My friends,locals and students alike,I'm so glad to have met you and hope you stay in my life like friends back home <3


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