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Magical New Zealand

After leaving the beautiful beaches and friendly people of Fiji I was prepared for some coldness. Coming from Finland,I should be more than familiar with cold weather,I know,but I can tell you,that it still surprises me every winter... I had heard stories of the breathtaking views in New Zealand and seen pictures for sure,so I was pumped to get going and see all that beauty for myself!
On my last day in Fiji,pooped out,sad to leave all my new friends behind, I also found out that all the plans I had made for the country,had changed... We had planned a roadtrip across the country,but George,the car that pulled it together a bit later,had a sudden change of heart and decided not to move. I'll return to George a bit later... Thank goodness,I had a friend who planned a last minute accommodation for me in Auckland and a pick up from the airport,since I had no idea what to do or where to go.

So,for the first few days I stayed in south Auckland,found out that my debit card doesnt work in this country,only credit,that my balance is 11 euros and that I had no idea what the PIIP I'll do with myself or with my month in New Zealand. George was getting fixed,but how long will it take,was not known... I couldnt stay with the very lovely,yet stragers,family for longer,since I felt I'd overstayed with them already.
I decided to hop on Kiwi Experience bus,which is basically a hop on-hop off bus that takes u around the country to the most popular destinations and there's many different passes you can choose from. Luckily some of them were on sale,so I picked one,got my creditcard functioning (a.k.a.bill payed) and was ready to hit the road. The first destination was Paihia,quite at the top of the north island,and the people were only few and cool in the bus. I had a good feeling about my new plan =)

Paihia is a quaint small town with basically few main roads and...that's it. It is very beautiful,little activities to do,with extra cost,which I cant afford,so I settled to just wonder around. Done in an hour. Ok,I'm bound to stay here for three days,so I might as well spend some extra cash and join the rest of my fellowtravellers for a daytrip to Cape Reigna,the northest tip of the country,do some sandsurfing in 90 mile beach and have good times. Eventhough I couldn't actually afford it,since I am travelling with a very tight budget, it was a day and money very well spent =)

Looking through my travelplan I noticed I dont have time to complete my travels properly and that the bus didnt go to all the places I wanted to go to... It did however go to places I necessarely didnt need to go to,so it was time to do plan C. I felt a bit silly when I realized it aint actually a hop on-off bus in the way I thought it would be; if it was an overnight stop,you are staying overnight,wheather you wanted it or not. If you wanted to skip places,you needed to find another way to do it. Damn it,extra costs one way or the other.... So,after three days in Paihia,which is more than enough,we returned to Auckland for an overnight stop and instead of catching the bus the next morning,I cought a flight straight to Welligton I had heard so much of. The bus would've stayed there only for a night and for me that isnt proper travelling. I want to see places in the city,take my time,wander around without a specific destination and suck in the vibes, sort of speak.
Windy Wellington stole my attention <3 The vibe is artsy,city is small enough to get around easy and meeting up with locals you get better insight to things and tips what to do and when. For example,I dont want to pay overpriced fees to get into a zoo. Worry not,Wellington zoo had $ 5 days every Wednesday =D CHECK! FYI,my favourites,by far,were the pygmi monkeys <3

Other good,free things,to do were the Botanical Gardens,Te Papa-museum and the look out olace viewing the whole of Wellington <3

I think 4 days in Wellington wasnt enough but as I was running out of time and wanted to spend more time on the south island, I jumped again,on the KiwiE-bus. This time it was a full one... Right. I'll manage this one,I'm good at making new friends! I think...?
The ferry ride to the south island was gorgeous! For about 2 hours you get beautiful views,hopefully sunshine like us,a bit wind for sure and if you're lucky,a view of dolphins <3 I did,I did!!! The ferry isnt a cheap one,but there's food and bar and stuff for kiddies so,it could be worse. Or more pricy. It was quite worth it,scene-wise <3New_Zealand_2012_030.jpg

To sum up the next few days in a nutshell isnt hard; I didnt do much,except sit in the bus,watch nice views and stayed overnight in hostels just to leave again the next morning. I was getting tired and felt I havent rested properly for a while... The pace was too,way too fast for me... However,the first overnight stop was at Kaiteriteri,which is a popular destination especially during summervacations and among hikers. For me,it was a beautiful beach. I didnt want to participate in yet another overpriced canoe-or hikingtrip,and both were in the morning because we arrived in the evening,left the next day at noon,so I figured I'll sleep in,check out the beach and read my book. Worked out fine. Got a bit of rest and alone time =D
Next stop,Westport. Name of the game was a barbeque and a pubnight where we watched All Blacks kick some Ozzie butt in rugby. It was actually a nice night,socializing with the other travellers and locals alike,have a few pints and unwind. Too bad I didnt see any of Westport,apart from the cute hostel and the pub. We picked up and left the next morning. Driving to Lake Mahinapua we stopped at Punakaiki,where Mother Nature has formed something very intresting; Pancake Rocks. I was happy! Gorgeous natural formations,enough time to wonder around and again,alone time. Sharing the bus with 40+ people was starting to take its toll...
We had a fancy dress-up party arranged for the evening,so we stopped at Greymouth for a few hours to get the necessities. The theme was letter P. I was looking forward to the party,but not for extracost. Instead of running around and spending my money on things that will end up in the bin,I wondered around and bought some much needed things like socks and a sweater =D I was watching my fellowtravellers with amusement while they were running around,looking sneaky when they came up with a character. Respectful commitment,I must say.
The accommodation in Lake Mahinapua was owned and run by an 80-something year old man with a massive beard and rather questinable language =D He had prepared us a massive,VERY tasty meal before we started to get ready for the party. Oh,how my body had craved for potatoes,corn,salad and...yes,I had a MASSIVE steak as well <3
The Poo bar,which was at the location started to fill up with some intresting charaters later in the evening; boys were dressed up as princesses,pixies and whatnots,girls were turning up as perverts,pensioners,what have yous. I was a pothead =) I basically just put on my dress I had bought from Jamaica and rolled up a big as blunt,out of normal paper,nothing inside. So you know. To make people actually get dressed and make an extra effort,there was prices to be won,big ones... Party on! We had good times,gotta admit =)

Heading to Franz Josef the next morning,we did the voting. The winner would win the canyon swing and 2nd as well as 3rd would get some prizes as well. Passport won! I must say,it was inventive and no extra cash was needed. Good going,brittish boy. Yep,cant remember more than few names out of those 40+ names. Franz Josef was,like the other locations so far,a quiet town next to glaciers. Most of the buspeople had signed up for a helihike the next day. Although it sounded very tempting but for the price of $250,I was fine without it. I was also enjoying my last day with the KiwiE bus,since George was ready to roll and another kind of roadtrip was waiting for me =D with only one person!

Now,I must inform,that eventhough I have been bitching and moaning about my bus-experience,I'm not saying it's a bad choice,most definately not. I met some lovely people,saw a lot of places and it is a good way to meet up plenty fellowtravellers,get sweet deals on activities etc. It's just not for my liking. I do need to have my own time, I want to be able to make my own schedule,I want to be able to not do a thing if I choose to. And I dont have extra money to do cool,expensice activites. So,youngsters,that wanna party,meet up,do touristy,cool activieties and so on,definately your thing!

Next morning me and my new travelcompanion,before hitting the road,went to visit the glacier. Since I was there,I might as well see it. As much as it was possible,that is. It was a bit of a walk,but it was beautiful,with small waterfalls and mountains <3 I felt like I was in the LOTR =D

Our first destination was Queenstown. The drive there was beautiful,but I could feel my "driver" was already tired from all the driving since he had left early in the morning from Christchurch to pick me up. I felt bad,since I couldn't help him out with the driving. Yes,I do have a license,but A.the traffic is on the other side of the road and B. I got my license stolen way back in Costa Rica among my other stuff... Winding across the mountainious views I learned that some parts of LOTR was shot there. Cool. Nothing else there,but beautiful scenery. I was satisfied with that. And silence.large_New_Zealand_2012_217.jpg

It was a nightfall before we hit Queenstown. All I knew about it,was that it's the adventure capital of NZ,lots of adrenalin-fueled things to do and more expensive than most cities. Since I'm not an adrenalin-junkie OR have extra hundreds lying around,I found one whole day to be enough in Queenstown. We did a little stroll around,went to see the skyline from the high lookout place and had a proper meal with a pint of beer.New_Zealand_2012_240.jpg

Well-rested, we headed to what I had waited most for; Milford Sound. Every Kiwi a.k.a. New Zealander had said it is a MUST place to go and see,most gorgeous place ever etc. So I had high expectations which were fullfilled even on our way to the Fiordland. Listening to perfect music,I felt I was entering another realm,a fairytale,magical world. What ever you want to call it,I was there!
My time spent in Milfors Sound,however short it was,felt good. It was peaceful,serene and magically breath-taking <3

Our next drive was a bit longer again; from Milford Sound's breathtaking scenes to farmlands of the south to Invercargill,Bluff and up again on the east coast to Dunedin. Dunedin had again that a bit artsy,fun vibe to it. We stayed with my travelbuddy's friends house,took it easy,went to see some live music and chilled a bit more. Enjoyed good company with our hosts and walked around. I needed the time for that,because of the hectic pace I had had for the entire month. I needed to stay in one place for more than a day or two,unwind,rest for a day and not do a damn thing. It was time to go to Christchurch. The place from where I'd take off,where my host lives and where I could get that rest <3
Eventhough Christchurc is undergoing some massive construction,demolishing and rebuilding,I could see past that and noticed it was a lovely place =D After a day of resting I caught up with few people from the KiwiE-bus,went to see the most damaged areas and had some dinner <3 Last few days were dedicated to easy,not-in-a-rush-time,loking around the city,going to craftsmarket,packing and watching movies <3 Best ever! I needed to restore some energy after the hectic month and gain some at the same time for my new destination and adventure!

Australia,get your surfers,kangaroos and koalas ready,I'm rested and ready to roll!!!

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From the Maple Leaf to the Plastic City and over to Paradise

Vancouver-San Francisco-L.A.-Fiji

Hello,sweetpeas,it's been too long again! Girl,who's on the road is way too busy to write here,I presume...

After spending nearly 2 months in Vancouver B.C I figured it's time to move on again. Cant be settling in for too long!
We set off early in the morning with my dad to drive over to the US,since I've been getting into trouble every single time entering the country.. I figured I'd be on the safe side and if they wanna have me there for a bit longer,again,I wont miss my bus/train/flight... Finally I got an answer to why I've gotten trouble at the US border,their fault,cant be fixed I guess.. Anyway, cant be bothered to get into that now.
Dad dropped me off to a quaint little town of Bellingham,where I was to hop on the infamous Greyhound bus and work my way down to San Francicso. For some odd reason I thought the bus wouldnt be full,but I was WRONG... The only reason I fit in that bus was A. because I was the first one in line and B. three people had been left to the border... The people who travel with the bus are a worlds apart from the flyers,I can tell you that.... Homeless,hippies,people with problems at the border... cant be all to do with money since it wasnt that cheap,either... And to talk bout arranging the trips,overbooking the busses,the people hanging around the busterminals...I could write a book about that trip and things surrounding it. But I wont. All I'll say is hop on in bigger cities if you dont wanna be left standing at the terminal/stop with your ticket you already paid for but is not refundable... Be prepared to sit among some very intresting people. I met nice peeps,but also suffered from odours of all kinds. Keep an eye on your stuff in the terminals,since there's plenty scetchy people hustling around. Security was quite good in some places...

Enough about Greyhound. It took me 25 hours to get to San Francisco. My butt was sore,as was my neck and back,but I was once again one experience richer =) I had booked my 10 day stay at the Adelaide Hostel,pretty much just based on the reviews and I do gotta say,the stay was worth the praises! Every morning I ate my belly full of the free,massive breakfast,enjoyed the staffs friendliness and the location. Wa had tons of activities for the evenings and wondering around the city was easy from there,eventho I might've overdone it... Transportation works quite well in that city,yet I found myself walking for miles every day... I had set a goal to see at least one cool thing a day,but if I was feeling tired,I just went to the Union Square to do some serious peoplewatching <3
Day one was dedicated to Fishermans Warf,Piers and Telegraphic Hill. That alone is plenty to walk!San_Franci..012_206.jpg

The city was everything I had imagined,from the first day... I loved my walks,finding intresting spots along the way,stopping to eat and drink when ever I felt like it... And when needing company,I found it at the hostel <3 There was people staying from mostly Europe but also Brazil was quite well represtented and we enjoyed many nights doing stuff either in the hostel or in joints close to it,like Nintendo Wii-nights,wine and cheese tastings,barcrawls,pokernights... Many friends made <3

The top three in my San Francisco stay were seeing the famous bridge,that brought tears to my eyes,literally, the Haights and Mission murals that I could've stared all day.San_Franci..012_469.jpg

The 11 days I spent in Frisco was hardly enough,and I fell in love with the city but there were times when I wished I had studied the maps more carefully before wondering off,since the hostel was near the Tenderloin area that has the reputation on being one of the worst neighborhoods in Frisco. Found myself there on many occasions and even in the day time I felt a bit nervous. I tried to look as local and cool as ever to not get any attention. Worked. So hide your maps and huge cameras and act local. Everywhere. The other thing disturbing me was the masses of homeless people trying to score money with the silliest excuses. If I see you are clearly high on something,pissed your pants and whatnots,you aint getting a dime. If you were to do something to earn a few extrabucks and get out of trouble,you got it! These kids were not homeless but got few bucks every now and then from me,since they stayed out of trouble by dancing and earning extracash with their talent <3
Otherwise than the big amount of homeless,occasional hustlers and scetchy neighbourhoods,that you can run into in any city anyway,I enjoyed every second spent in Frisco <3

Sadly I hopped on the Greyhound for yet another adventure,heading to Orange County,CA. It was time for me to relax,clear my liver from Frisco and partying,spend some time with fellow Finns. Yes,it's possible for Finns get together and not get shitfaced on vodka. Orange County was for me to unwind by the pool,see the famous beaches and eat food reminding me of home <3California..012_003.jpg
After the weekend spent peacefully in Orange County,I headed to yet another Finns house in Santa Monica for another chilling time before headint over the Pacific for...another relaxation =D Most time spent in Santa Monica was actually in Venice Beach. I found myself most relaxed in the area crowded with all sorts of people,artists,performers,athletes and whatnots. I felt I wasnt in the Plastic City after all but in a place where I felt cozy. Otherwise than that,I did go for a quick peep around the Chinese Theatre,where are all the stars with celebrities names and handprints etc. I was done in half an hour.... Too crowded,too touristy too....suffocating. Not to say Venice Beach doesnt have any tourists,you just have more space there and plenty other things to enjoy <3California..012_117.jpg

I wasnt sure what to expect when jumping on the plane in LAX and heading to Fiji. I knew it was warm there,it contained few big islands and a string of smaller ones and I was gonna hop on a boat and head to one of those islands in few days. The first day was a blur. I had lost an entire day out of my life since I crossed the International dayline,I was in a new country with new people,new language and new culture. WHAT'S going on and WHERE am I?! Waking up next morning I still had no idea which resort I was heading to and for how long. Tha Awesome Adventures BulaCombo Pass works so that you have paid for your boattrips,accommodations and food. I knew that. I should've booked the first night at least. I hadnt and randomly selected,at the harbour where the staff was marking our bags according where we were heading,that Korovou Eco-Tour Resort it is,if they have space that is.
The boattrip was gorgeous eventhough the weather was rainy and windy. Tiny and a bit longer islands with the resorts,islands that were totally empty,landscapes you dont have back home.... After 3,5 hours of riding to Naviti,I was the only one getting off the boat to that particular resort. Had I chosen totally wrong? DAMN IT,I had reserved 3 nights! After the first night I realized I had chosen wisely,after the second day I realized I might want to stay longer and eventually,eventhough the whole point there was to do island hopping,I ended up staying at the same resort the entire time <3 The staff was friendly,like all the Fijians seem to be, there were things to do,nice travellers and great food <3 I got to unwind,the only clock I had was the drum that was played when it was time to eat. It was all I needed. I went to snorkel for the first time in my life there and saw mantarays! Was alone on a BEAUTIFUL island enjoying alone time. Enjoyed quiet time in the hammocks. The time spent together with other guests and the staff playing volleyball or listening to the songs around the bonfire. Loved the fijian dances at night. Will never forget my new friend in Korovou and White Sandy Beach and those who I met there <3California..012_354.jpg

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Trip continues

Resting period

After leaving Costa Rica,the scenery changed completely! I was so stoked going to New York,even though sad to leave the land of Pura Vida... Once again,I got delayed due to the same border and security control at the same airport as month earlier. I was laughing already because I knew,I had to stay there for few hours and definately will miss my flight,again.... Not to mention that another securityguy next booth was making fun of my last name... Well,now I know that every time I enter the States,I need to go thru the same stuff...

New York was everything I excpected and more <3 It was vibrant,busling,energetic,full of people and things to see =) As a budget traveller,I went to see as many locations as I could...as long as they were free =D I saw enough and more and did things everyday <3 Now,if I was to stay in a hostel or a guesthouse,I would've needed to leave in a week,it's such an expencive city... Lucky me,I got stay at a friend's friend's house for the entire month! I could not have asked for a better host and he took me to places as much as he could =) I did feel,for the first time,a bit stressed that will I see as much as I want to see of the Big Apple,until I realized you cant see the city in just one,or even two visits. I bet every time you visit N.Y.,you'll descover something new!

If you visit N.Y., I recommend you'll buy a Metrocard,get a map for it and start the adventure =D I was happy with myself when I learned my way around different parts of the city and could go out and about by myself while my host was at work =) Getting the Metrocard and going to see different parts of the city worked out best for me,since I was all about saving money the best way possible. I did feel a bit bummed out not going to museums,for example,but with that $20-25 I saved,I got food and little necessities,so it's all about compromises and priorities.
My days consisted mostly riding the sub to different parts,walking for miles,taking pictures and discovering New York on my own <3

I gotta say,I shall return there many times more!

After I felt it's time to move on,eventhough my host was ready to have me there for even longer,I decided to take other kind of transportation,Iäm gonna be flying ages anyway,I might as well try something else =D So, with $ 39 I purchased a busticket to Toronto! Cheap as any,the bus was really nice,actually,and the ride took only 10 hours! Few stops on the way,I was able to sleep properly along the way and relax! It was an evening bus,so the sleepingrhythm helped with that,bad thing was of course that I didnt see views at all....

Arriving to Toronto,it was only 5.50 in the morning. The bus had carried to Finns the whole time,and I found out about it when arriving there... Actually from the samy city,what are the odds?!

I spent a quiet 2 weeks at my uncle and aunts house in Barrey,Ontario,visiting Toronto only once,so not much I can tell about that,unfortunately... I CAN tell,though that visiting Niagara-on-the-lake and Niagara Falls was an amazing daytrip! Riding through the winecountry,you can visit numerous vineyards,winetastings etc. Niagara-on-the-lake is a tiny idyllic town with small shops,restaurants and beautiful scenery. It's like a small blast from the past <3

If taking a 10 hour busride scares you,dont try what I did next....

To avoid the flying,I decided,with my littlebrother who had been in Ontario as well, to take a trainride across the entire Canada to Vancouver,British Columbia. The trip would last 3,5 DAYS and since on a budget,I couldn't afford the nearly $1000 cabin,so instead I took $450 seat,that thank goodness reclained! Being trapped there,in the full train,not showering and eating either your own snacks,bying small things from the cafe or splurging in the restaurant car,isn't for anybody... Have to say,that eventhough I was sure at some point,I'll lose my mind,I saw so many breathtaking views and met awesome people that it was totally worth it! TOTALLY!!!!! Sometimes the train stopped enough to get off,get some fresh air and even go for a few hour stroll in the city. I'm happy and fortunate to have done it for not many natives have done that trip...

Now I've been close to Vancouver for nearly 6 weeks.. Since I've lived here for a year back in the '90's, I dont feel so much like a traveller at the moment. My days have basically been revolving around family and old friends <3 I take this as a relaxing period in the middle of my adventure. I get to contemplate on my journey so far, spend time with my fam and friends I havent seen in such a long time!

Walking around the city,a lot has changed,the city has prized up and I seem to find new things in something and somewhere I've visited many times before. Granville Island lures me in on every visit,downtown with its liveliness,Gastown with its different buzz from the Granville bustle.... On my last week,which shall be soon,I'm planning to take the ferry to Vancouver Island and visit Victoria. Me,time and my camera <3

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Month 1 & 2

Bless and One Love in Jamaica,PURA VIDA en Costa Rica

sunny 30 °C

I figured out too late that a blog could actually be a nice thing to do on the road... Even though my friends back home kept telling me that all along =) I might be a bit on the slow side...
After the heart break of leaving Jamaica,getting stuck in the Miami bordercontrol for hours,being stuck in that same damn airport for 14 hours due to missing my conncting flight and arriving to Costa Rica ca 14 hours later than supposed to,I was knackered! The sucky part of arriving almost a day later,was that I had my lovely friend waiting for me at the airport when I was SUPPOSED to arrive,so of course she wasnt there anymore. And I had no idea where to go or where to call. After no sleep in 35 hours,in a strange country and unfamiliar language,I still kept my cool and kept telling the taxidrivers I'll be fine. Eventually my friend called me and I got "home". ah,shower,sleep,food...

Just before I go any further with my adventure in Costa Rica,I gotta give a Big Up to my island,Jamaica <3. You might hear a lot of bad stuff bout the country,no doubt about it,you might get hustled many times,for sure,but it also depends where on the island you go,who you meet and how you handle situation. I met so many beautiful,awesome and genuine people during my month there,saw amazing places,and sucked in the culture every way possible!

Staying in Kingston only few first and last days worked for me perfectly,I can honestly say it aint a city for me. Even though I met awesome people there too and went to the greatest gigs I've seen so far! After the hectic lifestyle of Kingston,me and my buddy,and a great,new brazilian friend,headed to Treasure Beach. NOw,if you enjoy beach,quietness and veeeery chill pace,this is your spot. We stayed with a great rastaman in his guesthouse for a week,there was a small beach right outside the lot that nobody else used and a longer stroll to the town of
Treasure beach. I felt at home there. BigUp to Viking,Bless!!!

The experience of getting from one place to another in that country is an experience you wont forget,if you use public transport.. The crowded minivans are staying at the station till it is FULLY loaded,you sit there in a tiniest space possible with your huge-ass bag on your lap. And the roads... curvy,narrow roads and speedlimits go un-noticed... even though I aint a believer,I said a little prayer everytime I stepped into one that we reach our destination safe and sound...

In Port Antonio we stayed for two weeks. I love that place! From the dry planes of Treasure Beach to the green,lush nature of Port Antonio was very welcoming... I had missed that place. We stayed at Ocean Creast guest house the entire visit,ate at Maureen's at the end of Musgrave market as often as possible for the best veggiefood ever,chilled at the Marina,Winnifred Beach and at Reach Falls,met nicest locals and just enjoyed the vibes. Again,all the 3 of us; two Finns and a Brazilian,crazy girl <3

The week we were supposed to head back,me to another destination and my buddy back to Finland,we wanted to have one more adventure. Blue Mountains and Rasta Camp it was! I have never seen a place like that. It was stashed almost at the top of the mountain,a place that inhabits round 100 people,everybody has built their house around the basecamp,doing work from morning until the sun goes down... and wait. For their savior. It was a learning experience for sure.

Back to Costa Rica. The land I will miss as well after I leave. And the people I have met. During this month I have seen the best of human nature and a glimpse of the bad too. I've met so hospitable,genuine,friendly and sweet people,who I can now call my friends,seen amazing places,partied,chilled,gotten confused,lost...
San Jose with my friend before she went back to Finland as well...We had so much fun! I wish we could've adventured together <3 She left and I decided to go and see my new friend in Motezuma after a weekend in Manuel Antonio. M.A.was a beautiful place,but not for me. Nope. If touristamounts acceed over locals,it aint for me. And I DO know this country gets money from tourism,but I had to bounce. Montezuma however,eventhough there was tourists as well,is sooooo chill. It's basically a crossroad and bucnh of beaches. NIIICE. After going there for a second time,just to see my lovely local friends before I leave, I got robbed. Should've known better to watch my stuff,but I guess I gotta learn the hard way,always... Lost my wallet,2 phones,and my camera. PASSPORT was safe and sound elsewhere,muahahahahhaaaa...
That's when I learned a value of friends,once again. These new people,who barely know me,took care of me and did everything they could to help. Bless to you!!! I got home yesterday,sick,tired and worn out. I'm still glad,because I'm alive,got my health,passport and an awesome group of people around me <3
P.S. No,there is noway I'd end this thing without telling bout two more things: Puerto Viejo <3 caribbean party town close to the Panama-border... Stayed there for a week at Rocking J's wich I do recommend if you like to meet new people and party every night =D The people I met there,made a little footstep in my heart as well.... Partynights,green,beautiful nature,chill lifestyle... I love,love,love.

The last chapter goes to my familia in Ciudad Colon <3 they were the family for my friend for 6 months and generously welcomed me to stay here as well. I'm taken really good care of,fed,clean laundry and care-taking..Heart-y people,who deserve greatest thank you ever! My friends,locals and students alike,I'm so glad to have met you and hope you stay in my life like friends back home <3


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